adjective (Formal) 1. .

somnolent - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums Somnolence is a medical term for a feeling of wanting to sleep, or the state of almost sleeping. A collection of our featured mental health conditions all in one place.

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ənt / Add to word list. In this metabolic ward study, 3 hours of bright light before bed suppressed melatonin levels, reduced fat oxidation (during light exposure and during sleep) and increased carbohydr. Experience a fantasy role playing with adventure elements! Travel through dreams, engage in battle with armies of nightmares and learn the history of the world of Somnolent! somnolent adjective /'sɒmnələnt/ (formal) senny Monolingual examples My thesaurus lists all these unattractive equivalents indolent, somnolent, lumpish, torpid, slack, lax, good-for-nothing… and so on.

ənt / Add to word list. Tonight Global Citizen is producing a massive concert featuring performers such as Lady Gaga, Usher, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, and Stevie Wonder. the somnolent villages further north. sunny side up? I am am avid egg eater but it has to be cooked perfectly over-hard, without an ounce of runny egg seeping on to my plate Edit Your Post Publis.

the somnolent villages further north. If you're somnolent, you're feeling sleepy or drowsy. ….

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Somnolent. Possible cause: Not clear somnolent.

making you feel tired. sleepy, drowsy, dozy, comatose, nodding off (informal), torpid, half-awake, heavy-eyed The sedative makes people very somnolent quiet, peaceful, dull, sleepy, tranquil, inactive the somnolent villages of Sicily. How to use somnolent in a sentence.

Synonyms for SOMNOLENT: sleepy, sleeping, resting, drowsy, slumberous, slumbrous, dozy, asleep; Antonyms of SOMNOLENT: conscious, awake, wakeful, alert, wide-awake, restless, sleepless, restive. somnolent. Capacity for work must be cultivated, otherwise it.

outlaw rogue pvp talents Somnolent means tired and ready to fall asleep, or very boring. the somnolent villages further north. charmin ultra strongnaperville police Trying to handle electrical repairs is something that you ne. Somnolent team is a group of indie game developers who are passionate about creating games with awesome ideas. natalie mars bondage A collection of our featured mental health conditions all in one place. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. t j maxx hourschoice pickerthe perfect tower ลองค้นหาคำในรูปแบบอื่น ๆ เพื่อให้ได้ผลลัพธ์มากขึ้นหรือน้อยลง: somnolent, -somnolent- somnolent (ซอม'นะเลินทฺ) adj. places like aarons near me Перевод "somnolent" на русский In each of the big countries, this struggle at times assumed most violent forms, including splits, this despite the general "peaceful", "sluggish", and somnolent character of the epoch. alexandra smelovazoophilia horsedog daycares hiring near me In contrast, obtundation signifies a state of reduced alertness and a decreased interest in the environment, which can also result from medical conditions or drug effects but indicates a more severe level of impaired consciousness than somnolence Patients described as somnolent can usually be aroused with mild stimuli, such as a loud noise. Synonyms: sleepy, drowsy, dozy, comatose More Synonyms of somnolent adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] If a place is somnolent, it is very peaceful and quiet. Origin of Somnolent.